Use single sign-on to make TazWorks InstaScreen even easier for your clients to use

01 Jun

Use single sign-on to make TazWorks InstaScreen even easier for your clients to use

You want to provide the most seamless experience for your clients possible, and it can get annoying if they have to constantly log in to different systems. So we’ve now added single sign-on capability, so when you provide your services to them, it can be integrated with the software they’re already using and they can transition from their system to yours with no extra steps—and no need for you to manually set up dozens (or thousands!) of users.

How single sign-on can make your work easier and win you more clients

Advanced Reporting, LLC., used single sign-on to be able to bring on one of the largest employers in the state of Oregon as a client. This allowed all their users to be able to log in directly to InstaScreen from their own university’s system without having to manage additional login information.

“Being able to control your users and keep them to just one username and domain is a critical security component for businesses now,” says Elaine Rosenberg, CEO of Advanced Reporting. “This was absolutely critical to winning this contract, so for TazWorks to be a partner and support us in this way meant the world. We wouldn’t be able to keep up if we had to do these kinds of things on our own, so it’s wonderful to have a partner who allows us to keep up with the big fish.”

How it works

When someone in your system tries to access Instascreen, our system (the service provider) will ask the system you want to use the login from (the identity provider) if they are allowed access. The identity provider will send us back the username for that person from your system, and then one of three things can happen, depending on your preference.

1. Give all users in your system access to Instascreen automatically

The most seamless option is to have Instascreen automatically create accounts for each user who connects through single sign-on based on the default basic user settings you have chosen. This way everyone will be able to get access without any extra work, and you can later edit any individual’s permissions to be able to give them even more abilities if you want to.

2. Only allow specific users to log in with single sign-on

If you don’t want to give everyone access, our system can check to see if the username sent to us matches an existing Instascreen account you’ve already set up before granting them access. This way you can make sure you have complete control and can keep access as restricted as you need to while still making things as easy as possible for your clients and users.

3. Advanced: Send back yes or no responses from the identity provider

Want the benefits of creating accounts automatically but don’t want to give everyone in the system access? With a little bit more setup on your side, you can authenticate who should or shouldn’t have access to Instascreen before their information is returned to us. That way, you can send back a positive response containing their username only if they should have Instascreen access, and we can automatically create accounts only for the people you choose.

How to get started

The best part about this is how fast and easy it is to set up, with just a single one-time setup fee. We work directly with you to configure how the service provider (TazWorks Instascreen) and the identity provider (the system you want to use the login credentials from) connect. Using SAML 2.0, we make sure these two systems talk to each other securely to exchange information while keeping all your data totally safe.

Contact support today at or 801-572-7401 to learn how you can configure single sign-on for users within your company or for your clients.

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